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Meehle Law:

Legal Advice for Small Business is Our Only Business.

Welcome to Meehle Law, P.A.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur in need of legal counsel and services, you are in the right place! Meehle Law is a Florida-based law firm. We focus our practice solely on meeting the legal needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll find we are different from other law firms in three basic areas:

1. We work only with small businesses and entrepreneurs, choosing not to specialize in an area of law, but to focus our practice on serving only a certain type of client. Whether you need help with selecting the right business entity designation when forming your business; negotiating and creating contracts for employees, vendors or clients; defending your business interests in court; planning to transition the business; or any other typical legal needs for small business, we can help.

2. Our fees are predictable. We understand the need for most, if not all, small businesses to be able to predict expenses and stick to budgets. For this reason, unlike so many other law firms, we do not bill by the hour (or 6 minutes or quarter hour). Instead, we charge a flat rate, and we tell you what that rate is going to be right at the outset. This puts you in the driver’s seat.

3. We have your back from formation to litigation. Many transactional law firms–lawyers who do things like draft contracts or prepare other paperwork–are there for you to put preventative measures in place. BUT, should you ever need them to defend you in court, they refer you to other lawyers called “litigators.” At Meehle Law, we want to be part of your support team through the life of your business. Whether that means applying for a license with a government entity or aggressively defending your business interests in court, once you are our client, we have your back.

We invite you to watch our welcome video, then take a look around our site to learn more about Meehle Law, P.L., Suzanne Meehle, Esq. and the services we provide. Also, be sure to check out our Small Business Resource Library for free information on a variety of legal topics of concern to most small business owners and entrepreneurs. Finally, contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment to discuss your particular business needs and interests. We’d love to help! Legal advice for small business is our only business.

Call Today: (407) 792-0790

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“Suzanne is everything a good lawyer should be. Not only is she ready and standing by when you need her to protect your interests, she also is proactive, working to help prevent issues before they arise. I find her to be both thorough and responsive, and frequently recommend her firm to business owners like me.”

John Frederick

Managing Member, FitLab Radio, LLC

My father and I own a property investment company and we have enjoyed the hard work that Suzanne puts in to all of our business needs. We truly appreciate all of the effort she put towards our property investments that we decided to put her on retainer with us for all of our business needs. Her retainer fee is well worth the hard work and effort she puts in to every aspect of our investments.  

“She ensures we are well protected and advises us on all of our properties. Thank you Suzanne and the Meehle Law Firm for the outstanding job you continue to do for us every day.”

Cy Sugita

Partner, Sugita-Lacy Holdings, Inc.

The Meehle Law Firm rocks the business world with their expertise, service to their clients and working diligently on their clients behalf. As a client, there is no other firm I would trust to handle all the legal topics and challenges confronting my business. Small business is their business, and they do it confoundingly well.”

Toni Zufelt

Owner, CYA Asset Inventory

Suzanne is an amazing lawyer! I have owned businesses for more than 30 years, and she is absolutely the best business lawyer I have ever had. She is quick, efficient, does NOT milk the clock and extremely knowledgeable about business law. I am extremely happy with her and would love to do more to sing her praises to other businesses.”

Cecil A. Stone, Jr.

Managing Member, Milner Worldwide, L.L.C. and Arete Real Estate Investors, L.L.C.

Suzanne Meehle and the Meehle Law Firm have been the most supportive and informative law firm we have worked with to date.  Their knowledge of small business law is phenomenal.  Suzanne goes the extra mile to ensure your business is covered from all aspects.  

“If you’re looking for a true and honest business attorney, Suzanne and the Meehle Law Firm are where you should put your trust and your small business. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.  

“Thank you Meehle Law Firm for taking care of us small business owners.”

CJ Jackson, PhD, CMH

Owner, Healing Revolutions Wellness Spa

“Suzanne Meehle is the epitome of commitment, due diligence and professionalism within her industry. As a business growth strategist I often am asked by my clients who I would recommend for legal counsel. I would not and do not hesitate referring them to Suzanne Meehle.”

Danna Olivo

Managing Member, DAVNA Enterprises, LLC

“I was referred to Suzanne by one of her clients (another lawyer) who thought Suzanne would be the best lawyer for me for several reasons: 1) She understands the unique challenges of running an woman-owned, veteran-owned business like mine, 2) She is competent to advise in all aspects of owning and operating a small business, thus, she could help me with a variety of legal matters from protecting intellectual property to negotiating work-for-hire contracts to setting up a non-profit organization for me, and 3) She offers package pricing which helps me control my costs.

“Turns out, my friend was right. Suzanne Meehle is the perfect lawyer for me and my growing business for all of those reasons and more. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Laurie Reid, LMFT

Founder, Breaking the Cycle Consulting, Inc.

Small Business and Small Budget?

Often times, small businesses, particularly those just starting out, have legal needs that far exceed legal budgets. We get it. That’s why we’ve created a special section just for you. If you have a need for some basic legal forms you can customize for your purpose, we invite you to visit the Small Business Resource section of our site. There, you’ll find not only legal forms you can purchase for use in Florida, but also our FREE Resource Library with tons of useful information for small business owners and operators. If after you purchase your forms you find you still need help, we also offer a specially priced 30-minute consultation option so you can speak with an attorney who can answer your questions.

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