Every owner and executive has at least one lingering issue about their business they would resolve, if only they had a way to shortcut the process. This is your opportunity to get all the experts you need in one room at one time. Enjoy a free lunch. Get great information. Stay after if you like and ask questions. You may even end up doing business with our experts. It’s all up to YOU!

The Business Tune-Up Luncheons, held Tuesday July 12 and Thursday 14, 2016, will feature seven top business professionals speaking on their areas of expertise. Other speakers include financial advisor Michael J. Marini, CPA Betty Haas, insurance experts Kirk Thompson and Harry J. Arthur, attorney Rebecca Gardner, and PEO specialist Andres Verney.

Luncheons start at 11:45 both days. You can RSVP at mmarini@ksifa.com and indicate whether you will attend the Tuesday or Thursday session, and be sure to use “Business Tune-Up Luncheons” in your subject line. We look forward to seeing you there!

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