Spirited Discussions

Quench your thirst for legal knowledge, gain essential insights, and learn how make your business thrive! Please join us for Spirited Discussions, a free seminar series at Will’s Pub that will cover topics ranging from choosing the right entity and protecting your trademarks to essential clauses in your contracts.

Suds & Start Ups: April 13th 6-8 PM

Choosing the right entity doesn’t have to be as perplexing as selecting a craft beer. Join us at Suds and Start Ups for business law 101 in a laid back environment. You will learn the difference between LLCs and corporations, when one is a better choice than the other, and also:

  • frequently overlooked requirements for starting a business
  • how to create a quick but effective business plan
  • protecting your interests when you have partners
  • whether your website is inviting lawsuit (and how to fix it if it is)

The seminar is free, the bar will be open, and the information is invaluable! Please rsvp here.

Cocktails & Contracts: May 11th, 6-8 PM

A great cocktail is like a well written contract - expertly crafted with carefully chosen ingredients in just the right amount. If you feel muddled when presented with a contract or are concerned that yours are diluted, join us at Cocktails & Contracts to learn:

  • what MUST be included in contracts
  • what “boilerplate” is and why you’re not protect if it isn’t included
  • when and how verbal contracts are enforceable, and when they’re not
  • how templates and online forms can hurt you far more than $2 fishbowl drinks

The seminar is free, the bar will be open, and the information is invaluable! Please rsvp here.

Libations & Logos: June 16th, 6-8 PM

Learn to be a brand boss while enjoying a beverage! Your business name and logo are your most important assets, but do you know how to protect them? And what can you do if someone steals them? Join us at Libations & Logos to learn:

  • how to select a name and logo that will be entitled to strong trademark protection
  • what rights do you have in your name, logo, slogan, and other brand identifiers
  • how to amplify your legal protection with registration
  • what you must do to keep your trademark rights (yes, must!)

The seminar is free, the bar will be open, and the information is invaluable! Please rsvp here.

Martinis & Music Law: July 13th, 6-8 PM

Get the straight up facts to prevent your music career from hitting the rocks. Publishing, royalties, and licenses will be distilled into common sense tools and information that will go down smoothly. Join us at Martinis & Music Law to learn:

  • copyright essentials
  • how to protect your music
  • how to tap into multiple streams of revenue for each song
  • the perils of collaborating and how to avoid them

The seminar is free, the bar will be open, and the information is invaluable! Please rsvp here.

Will's Pub

Will’s Pub is a Mills50 institution since 1995. The neighborhood bar is the area's most established live music venue and an anchor of the city’s creative district. In addition to hosting the very best of independent rock 'n roll, Will's finds it amusing to host the lawyers on the big stage. Will's is located at 1042 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803

Meehle & Jay and Suzanne have been our counsel for Echo Interaction Group since the inception of our company. Her guidance has gone above and beyond the typical small tech business attorney and she's become a trusted advisor to our firm. Her knowledge of small business legal needs and specifically in the technology and startup world have been crucial to the growth of our company.

Carlos Carbonell, CEO, Echo Interaction Group

I couldn't be happier with my decision to hire Meehle & Jay as our entertainment attorneys!  When you deal with a lot of people, it's critical for a business to have all of their i's dotted and their t's crossed, and it's huge relief to know that Meehle & Jay is doing that for us.

Rob Henlon, Fierce Entertainment 

I use Meehle & Jay to represent my Event Planning Business and they are nothing short of phenomenal. Not only do I get email reminders to make sure I am staying on top of my legal priorities, the professional advice they have offered me, in conjunction with their legal expertise, makes me feel confident that I can do business competitively while still having my assets and reputation protected.  A class act all the way around.

Michelle Widmer, Founder & Director of Events, The Empress Table

Davey Jay handles all our company's copyrights. Excellent knowledge and response time, highly recommend this firm.

Rodney E. Luke, President, Luke Brothers Custom Homes

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