Crunch Time! Annual Reports Are Due NOW!

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Reports are now due! Don’t wait to file. We have already begun charging rush fees for clients that want us to handle the preparation of their annual minutes and the filing of their annual reports. And on May 1st, the State of Florida will start charging $400 for late filing. Every corporation or limited liability company in the State of Florida is required to file its annual report with the Division of Corporations on or before April 30th each year.

An Annual Report is simply the form that is used to update or confirm the Florida Department of State’s records regarding entities doing business in this state. It is not a financial statement or even minutes of your business’s annual meeting. In fact, your Annual Minutes should reflect that you have prepared and approved your Annual Report (not the other way around). An annual report must be filed each year for your business entity to maintain its “active status” with the Department of State and is required, whether or not you need to make changes from the prior year. 

It happens every year: we get calls from clients upset that we “didn’t remind them” about the Annual Report filing deadline, or that the fine for filing late would be so steep. So we begin reminding clients on January 1st. Don’t be *that* client! Get your annual report filed by April 30th. We are happy to assist you, or you can file yourself at

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